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Disclaimer: As I’m frequently updating the original guides and installers here on TeaNazaR.com, I will not be responsible for any brick issues if you were to follow my obsolete guides copied elsewhere. Thus subscribe to this post to get latest updates. Modifying any part of a device may void its warranty. 

Looking for the original WDMyCloud guides posted by me? They can be found on the WD Community forum as below. Ищите оригинальные инструкции к WDMyCloud, написанные мной? Они могут быть найдены на форуме Сообщества WD по ссылкам ниже. Buscando las guías originales WDMyCloud escritos por mí? Se pueden encontrar en el foro de Comunidad WD como abajo. 寻找张贴了我原来的WDMyCloud导游?他们可以在下面的WD社区论坛上找到。

Please be reminded that these installers are only meant for WDMyCloud single drive variant (firmware V4 and above), not Mirror/EX2/EX4 as I do not have those other devices to support them. You’ll need to reinstall them again after every firmware upgrade. Thanks a lot to those who has donated generously, rest assured you’ll continue to get full priority support from me (-:


760 thoughts on “WDMyCloud”

  1. Hi Nazar,
    thx for your great job.
    I do not want to make any trouble., but it seams , that i have a problem.
    Every time i try the “curl teanazar.com/installer.fcgi?webhosting-mods_1.0.0|sh;”
    scrip, i receive differen errors like “Error-1: Unable to install required file! ‘mysql-server-core-5.5_5.5.42-1_armhf'”
    I retry early in the morning or in the evening. every time one file is unable to install.
    And today, after another retry i receive this

    [Thu Feb 4 19:59:27 CET 2016] teanazar.com-> You are currently th e 3rd from my overall 24 invalid requests since my FastCGI was restarted |-: WAR NING! Unauthorized attempts is not tolerated and warrants permanent ban! There a re currently 2 temporary and 26 permanent bans active in my list |-: You have be en permanently banned from using this service due to unauthorized attempts on Th u Feb 4 19:46:51 CET 2016!

    can you help me please,


    1. Hi A.B.,

      No problem, I’ve removed the perm ban, my anti-bot detects abnormalities in certain request scenario and triggers it 🙁

      As for the installation issues, it should have no issues but I’ll test them later with the latest firmware. It could be some path issues. It’s late now I’ll get back to you later in the day.

    2. Hi A.B.,

      It’s a permission issue. Not sure if SELinux or AppArmor has been introduced in the latest firmware (I’m still using the older v4 non-OS3) but I’ve added a fix to the installer which is working on my development environment with the latest firmware. Could you try now? Also test out the WD Dashboard if it’s working correctly. If you still have issues, contact me via the feedback form and I’ll personally look into your system.

  2. Hey could tell me the command to reset the password on my pyload .I’m running a 2 tb mycloud and have used your installer which in must say is very good work

  3. Hi Nazar,

    Seems that I cannot get the codes – website keeps saying I have adblock enabled. I tried on FF, Chrome, IE – I do not have adblock enabled.

    Any hints?

    1. Hi Grzegorz,

      You could have a firewall or Antivirus blocking the adverts. Do you have a screenshot?

  4. Can’t download tried three times since yesterday,Here’s the output from putty:

    WDMyCloud:~# curl teanazar.com/installer.fcgi?transmission_2.84-1|sh;
    % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
    Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
    100 21339 0 21339 0 0 32839 0 –:–:– –:–:– –:–:– 32829

    .:/installer.fcgi v3.0/:. by Nazar78
    Powered by Perl5 Multithreaded FastCGI
    And hosted on WDMyCloud 4TB 04.01.02-417
    Package: transmission_2.84-1 (05 Nov 2014)
    Description: Transmission for WDMyCloud V4 Firmware

    If you’re behind web proxy, try my alternate port ‘8245’:

    curl teanazar.com:8245/installer.fcgi?transmission_2.84-1|sh;

    To prioritize my 1Gbps internet uploads for those who have made donations,
    anonymous downloads are limited to ’50KB/s’ & ‘2’ download attempts per/hour.

    *** You’re currently left with ‘2’ download attempt(s). ***
    *** Please save all your work before continuing with the installation. ***
    *** Unauthorized attempts is not tolerated and warrants permanent ban! ***

    By you using this free service, you hereby agree taking full
    responsibilities of any fault/damages resulted by/from your
    actions and/or the developer’s contributions. No personal
    information was published or sensitive data transmitted.
    All trademarks/copyrights/licenses/credits remain
    property of their respective holders.

    Do you agree? (<[N]o/[Y]es> in 10secs) y
    Negative! Have a nice day (-:

    1. There’s 11 successful Transmission downloads today and many other apps. So I’m not sure what’s your issue other than it doesn’t seems able to read STDIN. Try uninstall then reinstall putty.

      1. Yesterday,I tried installing qbittorrent,installed fine.Did firmware upgrade to the latest one n after that can’t install either qbit or transmission…. Always display Negative,have a nice day.

        1. I’ve seen lots of successful installations for the past few days and all of them are on the latest 04.04.02-105. Do you have a screenshot of your putty? Putty which version?

          1. Tried installing but got ‘no such file or directory’,then tried again and voila it got installed,wonder what happened.Using putty 0.66.Thanks and your hard work is really appreciated. 🙂

            1. I’m using the same putty version too. IIRC you’re the 2nd person having this issue out of thousands whom already installed. Strange but glad it works for you now.

              1. Hello there,

                I’m having this exact same issue, but I had no luck with solving it. I’m still stuck with the “Negative! Have a Nice Day!”. I’ve already tried with the same version of Putty that you used, but still doesn’t work. Any hints?

                1. Try entering read foo</dev/tty;echo ">>$foo<<" in the SSH session, then type and enter “bar” no quotes. You should see the results as below.

                  root@TeaNazaR:~# read foo>$foo< <"
                  >>bar< <

                  I recalled asking someone to just restart his PC and that fixed it. No idea what causes this but I suspect it's a keyboard/character mappings issue.

                  1. The codes conversion is not working 🙁 Refer to the screenshot below.

  5. Hi Nazar

    What’s the final process to change the downloads directory (root/Downloads), because I read all post about this topic but don’t found a process to change this directory, the default directory(root/Downloads) is located in the public folder, and this folder is shared with DLNA, I need to move this folder “Downloads” in another directory, I know that i need to stop the transmission demon, and edit the config file and then restart the demon, but what’s the process to do this changes and what’s the lines to change in the file, thanks a lot and you are great for put this app in ours clouds.


    1. Hi Miguel,

      The /root/Downloads is not a directory but a symbolic link to directory /shares/Public/Transmission/Downloads. I’ve purposely set them in that way to simplify for those who’s foreign to Unix. If you want to change it, there’s two possible ways.

      1. Edit the config file. Stop Transmission beforehand transmission-stop;, then edit the config nano ~/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json; look for the download path, change it, save CTRL+[x]. Then restart transmission-daemon.

      2. Change the symbolic link to point to a new directory, create it first then ln -sf /root/Downloads /shares/any-user/any-path;.

      For both methods above you will need to change the new directory permission i.e. chmod -R 2777 /the-path; and ownership i.e. chown -R user[:group] /the-path;.

      Note this is only for the Download path, not blocklists/resume/torrents paths which were also linked all from ~/.config/transmission-daemon.

      1. Hi Nazar

        I have one directory in my cloud named Miguel/Downloads, but I don’t understand the command chown -R user[:group] the user in this example would be Miguel or Transmission? and the group? because i dont have any group

        MyCloud:/# ls
        CacheVolume DataVolume Miguel bin boot dev etc home lib lost+found media mnt nfs opt proc root run sbin selinux shares srv sys system tmp usr var

        The symbolic link in my case would be?
        ln -sf/root/Downloads /shares/Miguel/Downloads;?

        Thanks a Lot

        1. Hi Miguel,

          The brackets in commands i.e. '[:group]' are optionals. In this case if omitted it will inherit the parent group 'share'. The 'user' would be the owner of the path which is in your case 'miguel' (lowercase unless you've created a user with option --force-badname, confirm with ls -l /shares;). You can checkout more info chown --help; or Google 'man chown'. 'man' is short for manual but it's incomplete in MyCloud 🙁

          Below are for your references:

          # Create path if not exists.
          mkdir -pm2777 /shares/Miguel/Downloads;
          # Recursively change ownership.
          chown -R miguel:share /shares/Miguel/Downloads;
          # Recursively change permissions with setgid bit.
          chmod -R 2777 /shares/Miguel/Downloads;
          # Force create a new symlink.
          ln -sf /root/Downloads /shares/Miguel/Downloads;
    1. I’ll see what I can do and if there’s a good demand for this.

  6. hello im a complete noob about this just wanted to ask that if i update firmware of wd my cloud which has transmission v2.84 installed will it brick my device? my current firmware isv04.01.04-422
    please help also will i have to install it again 🙂

    1. You can safely update the firmware to the latest version. And after upgrading you’ll need to reinstall Transmission again. If you need to retain your Transmission settings, do below before and after upgrade:

      • Before updating firmware:
        tar zcf /shares/Public/transmission.tar.gz ~/.config/transmission-daemon;

      • After updating firmware:
        tar xf /shares/Public/transmission.tar.gz -C /;

      • Run the online installer again. Your settings will be preserved and you may then remove the tar backup.

      1. and sure that it wont brick my wd mycloud dear

        1. I’ve seen thousands of installations up to date. Impossible to brick it with only Transmission installed during upgrading unless you have other modifications done not from my installer.

          1. OK thanks for the help will update…
            And is it fine to install pyload when transmission is installed..
            Another help I wanted is can I use the USB port for data transfer from my cloud to PC and vice versa any ways to do it.. And even what is sick rage and what does it doo. Sorry for the trouble:)

            1. Yes you can install anything from my installer, just try to install what you only need because MyCloud only has 256MB of ram.

              The USB port is host mode only, for connecting USB device, you can’t link it to the PC. The only way is only to transfer files into the USB device, then connect the USB device to another host to access the data.

              For SickRage, please refer to the links in these posts SickRage v2016.02.16 for WD My Cloud firmware V4 and SickRage v7.0.23 for WD My Cloud firmware V4.

              1. hello i get the following error while installing pyload on my wdmycloud
                Unable to retrieve required files! Fail to validate request. Report to me your IP ‘’ if you still have issues. If you’re behind web proxy, try my alternate port: curl teanazar.com:8245/installer.fcgi?pyload-cli_0.4.9|sh;

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