SickRage v2016.02.16 for WD My Cloud firmware V4

For those who’s following WD My Cloud‘s post, a new APP has been added to the installer, SickRage v2016.02.16 for firmware V4. Automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows. It watches for new episodes of your favorite shows, and when they are posted it does its magic.

Sick Beard and SickRage runs on the same port 8081. Change either port from the WebGUI/config file if you plan to install both. It might take a few seconds for the WebGUI to become available on start. You can check it’s status: service sickrage status;.

The auto update feature might not work as MyCloud lacks build environment. I’ll try to keep up with the posting of newer upcoming major versions.

Note this build is from the new repository You’ll not see the version/branch due to lack of GIT on MyCloud.

IMPORTANT: If you’re upgrading from major versions and experiencing issues, it’s recommended to start with a clean config: mv ~/.config/sickrage ~/.config/ '+%Y%m%d-%H%M%S' && service sickrage restart;.

As promised, my donors will get the priority to install my newer builds. I will post a new comment when itโ€™s released to the public to be used with the anonymous credentials. Donors with donation credentials, please use this installer code on your WDMyCloud:

For setups and details, refer to

SickRage v2016.02.16
SickRage v2016.02.16


18 thoughts on “SickRage v2016.02.16 for WD My Cloud firmware V4”

    1. Hi Mike,

      I already tried Sonarr but it’s way too slow to run on MyCloud. You can see my replies about Sonarr in the older WDMyCloud‘s comments few pages back.

  1. UPDATES: SickRage v2016.02.16 for firmware V4 now released to public! More info from my WD My Cloud's post. Enjoy (-:

  2. Hello cannot install it tried for atleast 10 times ny now get an error message
    nable to retrieve required files! Fail to validate request. Report to me your IP ‘’ if you still have issues. If you’re behind web proxy, try my alternate port: curl|sh;
    even cannoot update transmission get the same errot message ๐Ÿ™

      1. Well yeah and thanks a lot for your help though ๐Ÿ™‚
        Just an issue with sickrage it shows downloading subtitles in the log but they arent downloaded anywhere ๐Ÿ™
        Any help would be useful ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. For app related issues you’ll need to check with the developers. I’m just helping to build them.

  3. keep getting the following error within webpage

    Unable to find your git executable – Shutdown SickRage and EITHER set git_path in your config.ini OR delete your .git folder and run from source to enable updates.

    1. Ignore the error, there’s no GIT on MyCloud nor the update works.

  4. unable to download using transmission or qbittorent(password and user set in setting)

    2016-06-30 14:57:29 WARNING SEARCHQUEUE-BACKLOG-295760 :: qbittorrent: Unable to send Torrent

    2016-06-30 14:45:21 WARNING SEARCHQUEUE-BACKLOG-295760 :: Transmission: Unable to send Torrent

        1. No idea I don’t use this app. Several others using without such issue.

          1. After some digging about
            it seems the latest versions of qbittorent and transmission dont work

            installed transmission 2.84

            now able to use transmission

            sickrage on linux pc is more up to date (has qbit and trans fixes)

  5. tried to use you tutorial on creating 64k pagefile version tried tutorial but fails due to sources not found so downloade manually still no luck creating

    can you provide tutorial for creating sickrage to 64k as this seems now to get updated every week?


    1. You could try replacing the files from the new source. It might work for some Python scripts or not at all if the modules requires compiling, hence needs 64K pagesize patching which you’ll need to compile manually that particular module on a 64K dev environment or do everything on it or by cross-compiling.

      As for my side, I’ll try my best to build those “major” versions. Also note that I don’t use many of the apps I help to built, do let me know when the “major” versions are out so I can look into it during my free time.

      1. tried replacing files did not work got errors asking to pip some library stuff

        theres been 24 updates since this release: –

        with quite a few changes and fixes

        1. Those are the libraries including its dependencies that needs to be manually built, lots to do some kind of hit and miss, not an easy job. This port of SickRage uses dates instead of version so usually I’ll wait for a release that’s hasn’t been updated for awhile or there’s a major fix that needs urgent attention like security patch.

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