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Disclaimer: As I’m frequently updating the original guides and installers here on TeaNazaR.com, I will not be responsible for any brick issues if you were to follow my obsolete guides copied elsewhere. Thus subscribe to this post to get latest updates. Modifying any part of a device may void its warranty. 

Looking for the original WDMyCloud guides posted by me? They can be found on the WD Community forum as below. Ищите оригинальные инструкции к WDMyCloud, написанные мной? Они могут быть найдены на форуме Сообщества WD по ссылкам ниже. Buscando las guías originales WDMyCloud escritos por mí? Se pueden encontrar en el foro de Comunidad WD como abajo. 寻找张贴了我原来的WDMyCloud导游?他们可以在下面的WD社区论坛上找到。

Please be reminded that these installers are only meant for WDMyCloud single drive variant (firmware V4 and above), not Mirror/EX2/EX4 as I do not have those other devices to support them. You’ll need to reinstall them again after every firmware upgrade. Thanks a lot to those who has donated generously, rest assured you’ll continue to get full priority support from me (-:


760 thoughts on “WDMyCloud”

  1. i upgrade everything (apt-get update ) saddinly i cannt log to my wdmyclod anymore i try to soft/hard rest and now i cant even ssh my wd

    1. @Othman

      You’re not supposed to use apt-get. It doesn’t work for firmware v4 and to some extend bricking your WDMyCloud if done wrongly. That’s why I created this installer so users with less Linux experience still can enjoy using these apps. For your case, you’ll need to open up the NAS and dump a fresh rootfs image. Refer to this WD forum thread: http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-My-Cloud/How-to-unbrick-a-totally-dead-WD-My-Cloud/m-p/741540#M15257.

      1. in my case i can access all files from “sheared folder”
        but cant access the “wdmycloud.local” page it show “Reading configuration information…” also no ssh ?

        1. Yup this is common for semi-bricked WDMyCloud. I encountered it several times. What you did with apt-get messed up some libraries needed by apache/php and maybe also sshd while samba still runs ok. As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to open up the NAS to dump a fresh rootfs, there’s no other way.

  2. Incredible!! Awesome
    It worket perfectly, thank you. GREAT JOB!

  3. Sorry for disturb 🙁
    But iwant yo change pyload ip adress because web interace doesnt öpen.
    İ cannot find terminal code about this topic

    1. There’s no need to change any IP address. It’s binded to the eth0. service pyload restart should help else I think you messed up the config. Delete the config and reinstall.

      1. It seems to be running fine just that the update server is down.

  4. Only after enter the validation code can get the username and password, the validation code is not so obvious.
    let me try whether this post will jump to wiki or not.

    1. Sorry you have to check with them, forum maybe? As mentioned, I’m not using pyLoad.

  5. wow.!!! good job!!!!
    i can use transmission on v4!!!
    by the way, did you hava a plan for plex media server?
    it can use on v3. but not v4..

    1. I believe Plex Media Server is a closed source code not released to public, hence we’re not able to recompile plex for V4 which requires 64K page size memory patch.

    1. Your ISP (DU) from the UAE region response is quite slow to Asian region “time=436ms TTL=42″. I’m getting better less than 200ms pings from Asia to US region. And I did not see any request from your IP 94.204.103.*. Turn off any firewall on your router see if it helps. Else contact your ISP.

  6. Hi

    I have logging to the page many times but no where it written the credentials.
    What I have to do?


    1. Hi Akaza,

      You can’t get the credentials by directly accessing this page. To get the credentials, you’ll need to click on the special link from the WD Forum where I posted my installer guides. The screenshot of the link is displayed on top of this page.

  7. the server is under maintenance.
    when will it be available for download?
    thank you!

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