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Disclaimer: As I’m frequently updating the original guides and installers here on TeaNazaR.com, I will not be responsible for any brick issues if you were to follow my obsolete guides copied elsewhere. Thus subscribe to this post to get latest updates. Modifying any part of a device may void its warranty. 

Looking for the original WDMyCloud guides posted by me? They can be found on the WD Community forum as below. Ищите оригинальные инструкции к WDMyCloud, написанные мной? Они могут быть найдены на форуме Сообщества WD по ссылкам ниже. Buscando las guías originales WDMyCloud escritos por mí? Se pueden encontrar en el foro de Comunidad WD como abajo. 寻找张贴了我原来的WDMyCloud导游?他们可以在下面的WD社区论坛上找到。

Please be reminded that these installers are only meant for WDMyCloud single drive variant (firmware V4 and above), not Mirror/EX2/EX4 as I do not have those other devices to support them. You’ll need to reinstall them again after every firmware upgrade. Thanks a lot to those who has donated generously, rest assured you’ll continue to get full priority support from me (-:


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  1. Hi Nazar,
    thank you for your hard work. I installed minidnla on mycloud. Everything is working except the refresh of files. Example : I move a existing files to another folder. My samsung smarttv doesnt update the link. Is still on the same old folder. When I try to play it it’s said bad file doesnt exist… Is look like the inotify doesnt work.
    In my config I change the refresh time of inotify to 60 seconds…

    The only solution is to rescan all my files… with restarting the service minidnla…

    Thank you for your help.

    1. I only can help with the installation part, for the app itself you’ll need to look for the original developers. I saw the patch you mentioned in the previous comment, I’ll see what I can do.

  2. Hello,

    First of all thank you for all the work done here.

    I´installed the transmission client and it worked great, then i updated to the latest firmware and when i go to install it it keeps saying invalid key.

    I refresed 3 times and do it like described in the website, copy and paste the keys.

    Maybe i should try later,

    1. The key is only valid for one attempt. If fail you’ll need another new key. Anyway I just saw you downloaded successfully.

  3. Hi there …Thanx for your work …it’s grate ….

    I’m just wondering is there any progress on Serviio ?

  4. Hi,

    I try to install the Transmission.
    The last step not works… How can I resolve it?

    Synchronizing your system time…
    16 Oct 19:14:37 ntpdate[26975]: no server suitable for synchronization found
    16 Oct 19:14:46 ntpdate[26976]: no server suitable for synchronization found
    Error-1: Fail to synchronize your system time.

    1. My installer tries to synchronize your system time with (sg.pool.ntp.org or ntpdate pool.ntp.org) hoping it matches mine so there’ll be lesser chance you’re getting network lag error.

      Try again, I’ve added an option to still continue if the time sync failed, see if it helps.

  5. For those who’s following this post, a new APP has been added to the installer, MiniDLNA v1.1.5.patched-1 for firmware V4. ReadyMedia (formerly known as MiniDLNA) is a simple media server software, with the aim of being fully compliant with DLNA/UPnP-AV clients. It is developed by a NETGEAR employee for the ReadyNAS product line.

    Note that the WD Forum is still under long maintenance so I can’t edit the post there.

    1. As per usual installation steps using my installer, go to the MiniDLNA link (listed top of this page), click on the credential link to get the credentials.

    2. Use this installer code on your WDMyCloud:
    curl teanazar.com/installer.fcgi?minidlna_1.1.5.patched​-1|sh;

    Patched Version 1.1.5.patched-1:
    Built from author’s source @ SourceForge. Patched with rescan_v2.patch created by Shrimpkin @ SourceForge.

    Adds [-r] option to rescan without rebuilding the database:
    -r forces a rescan
    -R forces a rebuild

    Creator’s Note:
    * On rescan, any directories and files which cannot be access are removed. Any files with different timestamps are removed, then reinserted. New files and directories are added as long as they are readable.

    * Here is an updated patch (v2) of this feature which cleans up the code a little bit. Also, it removes the duplicate inotify code by modifying the existing inotify code.

    1. Great ! Thank you for your help! Now Im trying to do an script with inotifywait:
      inotifywait -m -e access /Refresh.mp4 | while read FILE
      sleep 10
      service minidlna rescan -r
      sleep 2

      but when I executed into mycloud is say no found inotifywait command…

      How can I do that?

      source of ths script :https://sourceforge.net/p/minidlna/discussion/879956/thread/1640eb4f/

      thank you alot! there is a way to donate to you my friend?

      1. Inotify is not part of WDMyCloud’s standard package. But you can install my WebHosting Mods, it includes inotify and several other goodies which won’t take up much of your space.

        I have a sample inotify script used in one of my post here http://teanazar.com/2015/02/speedup-wordpress-nginxs-gzip_static-minify-w3-total-cache/

        There’s a donation icon or you can click directly here http://teanazar.com/any-generous-donation-via-paypal

        I really appreciate to all those who have donated (-: And for that they will have my full priority support (even personal email/remote support).

        I also have just cooked up something special to thank my donors (yet to be announced), they will receive a permanent credential with no bandwidth/download limits, no captcha or what so ever. And I assure to my donors that they will still continue to receive my support if at any time I were to discontinue this WDMyCloud project (no plans yet :P).

          1. Hi David,

            Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it! Please check your Gmail (-:

  6. Hello! Hope you’re gonna find a sec to help me.

    I have setup Syncthing Version 0.11.9 on MyCloud, and I noticed that when I add a folder via Syncthing UI there is an ussue with the folder. I’m trying to open it from my mac and it gives the message that i have no permissions. So, I’m creating the folder from mac/pc and add it in Syncthing UI and there are no problems with it. But, when I sync the folder on MyCloud via Syncthing and trying to delete anything from mac it tells me that again I don’t have permissions. Seems somehow I didn’t give the Syncthing root permissions. Please, tell me which file I should “chmode”, thanks in advance!

    Regards Timofey Pashin

    1. Syncthing daemon is running as root:share. And the umask is 2011. Usually I use syncthing for backups, so only root:share can access to the sync paths. If you want all to have access to the sync paths, change the umask to 2000 in /etc/init.d/syncthing. Restart syncthing service syncthing restart then chmod all the sync paths recursively to 666 i.e. chmod -R 666 /my-sync-path

      1. Thanks a lot for your respond, appreciate it. I use Syncthing to bacup my Photo files, just wanted to configure it this way – I add files on my Mac in particular folder which is synchronized via Syncthing with WD My cloud, next step I delete all files from Mac when copying is done.
        Btw, credentials on your site don’t work now, apparently due to updating the forum of WD Community. Maybe there is another way to get them?

        1. I don’t think you can delete all the files from your Mac without losing the ones on WDMC. They are supposed to be in-sync. Unless you set WDMC as the master but you’ll see out of sync messages if you do this.

          I’ve just tested the credentials no issues. Updating of WD forum doesn’t affect any of this. Use the links above if necessary.

          1. Yeah, I’ve set the folder on WDMC as master, once they be copied I reorganize the synching with another storage.
            But credentials are not working, I tried to click on the link (teanazar.com…) on the forum but see only banner How to get credentials. Tried from 2 hosts with different external IPs.

              1. Looks I’ve been banned. I menaged to get throuh with my cell phone using LTE 🙂

                1. I’ve removed all the temp bans, there none currently. Think your right. The WD forum changes affects the credentials. I’ve fixed it.

      2. I made all those settings but it’s not working, rebooted service and cloud for sure. When I create a new Folder via UI Syncthing (which is not exsisting) it creates it but when I try to open it on my mac it says that I have no permissions. And all I have is to ssh my WDMC and chmod this Folder to make it work on my mac. Is there another way to make it work directly from UI Syncthing? Btw, mac client works properly.

        1. What’s the ownership and group of the newly created folder? Also what’s the permission? May be the parent folder has different permission.

          You can’t change any of these from the Syncthing UI. Ask the app author :p

          Another way is to run syncthing as the same user you login on the Mac. Edit the init.d to change the username from root to others. Then restart syncthing service.

          1. Well, when I create a folder from Syncthing UI the ownership and group:
            d——— 2 root share 4096 Oct 20 15:16 CreatedfromSync
            When I’m creating a folder from Mac on WD/share/Public for example, it has next:
            drwxrwsr-x 2 timophei share 4096 Oct 20 15:18 CreatedfromMac

            Looks that folder that’s been created from Sync UI has minimum of permissions. Btw, I’ve installed Transmission with your manual and when I download something on WD and put into the Folder which is not existing, Transmission creates it on its own, and there no problems with the access to the Folder and Files from mac, and permissions are:
            drwxrwsrwx 3 root share 4096 Oct 8 17:50 Test

            1. Try playing with the umask settings, 000 or 0, in the /etc/init.d/syncthing. Restart the service after every changes.

              1. Unfortunately, nothing helps. I tried so many combinations.. Best score I’ve reached is – drwx——

                1. Think there’s an option in Syncthing UI to ignore the permissions, have you tried that? I don’t have the time to go through this. Seems this was brought up before and answered by the author, see here.

                  1. I’ve seen the topic, they said that Syncthing won’t change permissions for the created folder by itself. It’s ok, anyway I have another way to solve it – just to create the folder from mac, or chmod the folder from ssh WDMC. Thank you anyway!

                    1. No problem. Another way is to setup cronjob say hourly or daily depending on how frequent you sync to find new files/folders and chmod them.

  7. The “PayPal Donate” button you see on every page is now fully automated! Donors should receive their permanent donation credentials instantly via email after donating process (-: Please contact me if you have not received yours as I was previously doing it manually )-:

  8. Hi there!
    Thanks for providing these installers!
    I succesfully installed both couchpotato and transmission but after playing with both for a bit I decide I no longer want these apps.
    How can I uninstall both?

    Thanks for you help!

    1. Uninstall dpkg -r app-name or remove even the configs dpkg --purge app-name. For transmission also remove the auto startup cronjob crontab -e.

  9. Hello thanks for the nzbget it is running very well
    Please can you also provide the unrar-free ?
    Because then i can point that also in the nzbget configuration
    And the reason is that i trust your installers 200 procent.


  10. I tried all. My phone on 3G, iPad on another SIM CARD, and my laptop. Cant fine credentials. Can u help

    1. You need to click on my https link on the 1st post of the WD forum. WD made some changes to that forum and I’ve fixed it earlier tested on both latest IE/Chrome. Also possibly you won’t see the captcha to get the credentials/keys if your browser blocks adverts :p

      1. Thanks. Got it working :D. Through Phone using wifi.
        Thanks for so quick reply.

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