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Disclaimer: As I’m frequently updating the original guides and installers here on TeaNazaR.com, I will not be responsible for any brick issues if you were to follow my obsolete guides copied elsewhere. Thus subscribe to this post to get latest updates. Modifying any part of a device may void its warranty. 

Looking for the original WDMyCloud guides posted by me? They can be found on the WD Community forum as below. Ищите оригинальные инструкции к WDMyCloud, написанные мной? Они могут быть найдены на форуме Сообщества WD по ссылкам ниже. Buscando las guías originales WDMyCloud escritos por mí? Se pueden encontrar en el foro de Comunidad WD como abajo. 寻找张贴了我原来的WDMyCloud导游?他们可以在下面的WD社区论坛上找到。

Please be reminded that these installers are only meant for WDMyCloud single drive variant (firmware V4 and above), not Mirror/EX2/EX4 as I do not have those other devices to support them. You’ll need to reinstall them again after every firmware upgrade. Thanks a lot to those who has donated generously, rest assured you’ll continue to get full priority support from me (-:


760 thoughts on “WDMyCloud”

  1. hello.
    I first place tank you for taking the time for helping the community with this project. 🙂

    I am trying to download your work for a couple of days now but i always get the network lag error.
    Is there another way to get the file ?
    If it works with my tv, a donation will be made.
    Tanks so much 🙂

    1. Hi Paulo,

      I can’t check the lag between me and you because your router is blocking the pings. But I see your WDMyCloud is online. I’ve sent you and email.

  2. you can still install? (and if it’s safe) to do it in OS 3 (FW 4.04)

    1. I believe WD will still continue the 64K page size memory as it has been all this while for v4 firmwares. But we can only confirm when the new firmware has been released.

    1. My logs shows you did started to download successfully, HTTP 200. In fact twice, 11/Sep/2015:20:31:11 +0800 and 14/Sep/2015:16:06:58 +0800. I could not ping to your IP may be your router is blocking. What is your ISP speed? http://www.speedtest.net/

  3. Hi! Greetings from Portugal!

    Thank you for your share, worked perfectly! !

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Hello,

    I wanted to install nzbget on my new my cloud but it seems you capcha is not working anymore cause I always only get ‘Verification unsuccessful!’.

    So please help me here 🙂

    1. There were no recent changes to the captcha and I just tested it’s working. Sometimes the characters are hard to differentiate just keep trying.

      1. No I’m just terribly stupid. It’s not even funny. So sorry and thank for your awesome work. Are you willing to share how you build packages from source when the source is not from a repository? I wanted to make a package from mono-3.10 for sonarr for my cloud but I couldn’t find a way to tell build-armhf-package.sh to use the source-dir instead of a .deb

        1. No problem. Mono is lot of work. Great if you could work on it as I’ve no time now. Check out my Transmission thread or from my signature in the WD forum. It’s how I cross compiled directly from the sources not available on repo.

          1. I tried but thats not as easy as I thought.
            I used your guide without the deps to test it and I also didn’t know where to get the sources for zlib for example. zlib is a dep but the building went fine(I saw no error).
            Then I wanted to test it with echo mono | sudo checkinstall –install=no –arch=armhf –nodoc; but then I get the following:
            /home/pho/Desktop/WDMyCloud/src/mono-3.10.0/mono/mini/../../libtool: line 1102: arm-linux-gnueabihf-ranlib: command not found
            make[4]: *** [install-libLTLIBRARIES] Error 127

            So I think that’s not so easy as building packages in gentoo :-<
            I hope you find the time to look into it later when you find the time

            1. Yeah it’s not that easy. Just imagine every error needed debugging to fix. I can’t remember but think you need to specify your ranlib tool chain path if it can’t find it. Find it in your dev environment maybe which arm-linux-gnueabihf-ranlib then append to the build RANLIB=`which arm-linux-gnueabihf-ranlib`.

            2. I’ve made a progress:
              root@TeaNazaR:~# mono -V
              Mono JIT compiler version 3.2.8 (Debian 3.2.8+dfsg-10)

              But running Sonarr is very very slow. The first launch it almost freeze the NAS, I killed it. Now I ran with the lowest priority and for 30mins I’ve yet to reach the port 8989? I’ve killed it again as I’m done for the day. Any way to speedup? Seems like WDMyCloud is not fast enough for most JIT, I’ve also tested OpenJRE it’s slow as well.


              1. The performance of nzbget killed it for me and so I gave up investigating in mono. The repairing is so terribly slow that i put everything on my htpc and mounted my cloud with nfs. This works way better for me and is way faster. So I think a sonarr-port for my cloud isn’t just worth it. I don’t think there’s much you can do to speed things up I’m afraid.

                1. Yeah seems like Sonarr/NzbDrone is a no go for our WDMyCloud. I gave up. At least I can use Mono for something else. Now I’m trying to build qBittorrent, although still struggling, it’s easier in C++.

  5. For those who’s following this post, a new APP has been added to the installer, MiniDLNA v1.1.5 for firmware V4. ReadyMedia (formerly known as MiniDLNA) is a simple media server software, with the aim of being fully compliant with DLNA/UPnP-AV clients. It is developed by a NETGEAR employee for the ReadyNAS product line.

  6. Hi Nazar, firt of all, thanx for your hard work.
    But I’ve tried to download it several time (for a week), but every time I got an error: “Unable to retrieve required files! Network lag encountered. Try again few hours later.” What am I doing wrong? please, help me.

    thank you


    1. Hi Tomas,

      Slovakia is quite for from me and your ping is high. Also probably I’ve been working on my NAS past few days which could have caused the lag. Try again I’ve increased the timeout.

      1. Hi Nazar, i tried it again but still I can’t download it.
        Now i got message “Unable to retrieve required files! Server issued an error response.”. What can I do now? do you have any suggestion?


        1. Hi Tomas,

          I suspect your system time is not synchronized. Try again later. I’ve added NTP update to the installer, see if it helps.

          1. Hi Nazar, synchronisation script helped, good work man. Now I have MiniDlna installed on my device and Transission as well. I’d like to donate your project, how?

            Thank you again for your prompt reactions.

            1. Hi Tomas,

              Glad it helped. There’s a donation icon or you can click directly here http://teanazar.com/any-generous-donation-via-paypal

              I really appreciate to all those who have donated (-: And for that they will have my full priority support (even personal email/remote support).

              I also have just cooked up something special to thank my donors (yet to be announced), they will receive a permanent credential with no bandwidth/download limits, no captcha or what so ever. And I assure to my donors that they will still continue to receive my support if at any time I were to discontinue this WDMyCloud project (no plans yet :P).

  7. Hello, Nazar.
    I am glad to use your solution “transmission on WDMyCloud”
    It works fine and very easy to create.
    I want to create torrent file with the help of your programm but dont know how.
    Is there any method to do it in your programm ?

        1. This is a command to create torrent files but not from the browser, you need to run this command in the terminal i.e. putty.

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