Day 3 – Manicure & pedicure | Premium Outlet Phuket | Madunan T-shirt Factory

Now I understand why people go for week-long or even month-long holidays. I barely pampered myself and it’s already time to go home. Fortunately it was a night flight so we could still do some last minute shopping. Before that, time to pamper ourselves first…

Manicure and pedicure for Daneen
Manicure and pedicure for Daneen
Manicure and pedicure for Dini
Manicure and pedicure for Dini

Being a guy, Wan wasn’t sure which salon to bring us. He totally had zilch recommendation because he never brought anyone for manicure/pedicure before. In order not to waste any precious time, I told him to drop us at the next visible salon. There were only 2 manicurists and because there were 6 of us, we spent about a couple of hours there. We then went for lunch at a nearby shop and headed to the next stop.

Believe it or not, we spent less than an hour at the Premium Outlet Phuket because we didn’t buy a single thing. Well we had already packed our bag and we didn’t buy any check-in baggage so paying for excess baggage was the last thing we needed. I couldn’t really advise whether it’s cheaper than any other Premium Outlet. It was quite big though. Alright let’s not waste anymore time and head to the final stop.

Oh my gosh!!! Why didn’t we discover Madunan T-shirt Factory earlier??? Argh!!! I felt like buying the entire shop! The t-shirts sold there were extremely cheap and authentic. I would not have shopped in Patong if I knew about the factory in the first place. Imagine my agony when I have to control myself from shopping, all because I didn’t purchase check-in baggage. Argh!!! Temptations! We ended up with only 6 t-shirts. Well, I could use this reason to return to Phuket again. :p

A quick dinner before heading to the airport. We thanked Wan for being a wonderful driver and tour guide, tipped him and gave him a souvenir from Singapore.

We queued to get our luggage scanned and before we could go to the ticket counter to get our boarding passes, the officers checked our luggage again. I thought it’s really redundant and a waste of time. 1 of our luggage exceeded the weight limit hence I had to transfer some stuff into a plastic bag. Darn!

Well, at least we managed to cool off by having ice creams from Dairy Queen. It had been a long, long time that I had their Blizzard. Yummy! Goodbye Phuket. Hubby and I agreed that we should go again, this time longer than mere 3 days.

Do share your views and post any questions you have in the comments box and I will have them answered in an instant! 🙂


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