Day 2 – Shopping at Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre & Direct Factory Outlet (Homebush)

Good morning mate! It was warm and sunny outside. Certainly brought smiles to many faces especially the ladies. Only the ladies I must say because even the kids dislike the idea. Well, wait until they grow up and we’ll see whose side they’re on. Hmph!

Based on my research, there were 2 factory outlets near Sydney. We’ve decided to go to Birkenhead Point first because it was further. The best part about both factory outlets, parking is free! At least for the first 3 hours in Birkenhead. Weeehooo! I don’t think we’ll be spending 3 hours here. I like to shop but NOT window shop.

Birkenhead Point was quite similar to IMM but only 3 floors high with a basement. Lots of local and international designer boutiques, a handful of pharmacies, a supermarket and quite a number of eateries.

I bought a pair of Levi’s jeans at only AUD29.50! Fudging cheap and they have my size! I felt really stupid for only buying ONE pair! I was also looking for a pair of black shoes or sandals because those from Cotton On sucks but nothing caught my eye. Hubby didn’t see anything he fancy and nothing attracted us in any of the kids shops. Our loot: Just a pair of Levi’s jeans, a large bottle of Listerine, a bottle of nail polish remover and my Laurier feminine pads. Ooops!

Today is specially reserved for shopping so next stop: Direct Factory Outlet (DFO)!

Direct Factory Outlet (Homebush)

DFO, in my opinion, is much better than Birkenhead. Car park’s nicer, the entire mall’s neater, more eateries with 2 halal stalls in the foodcourt and… drum roll… There’s a Salvatore Ferragamo boutique!!! Alas, this was not part of the plan so I left the store empty-handed. Boohoo! Since I got myself a pair of jeans already, my priority is to get something for hubby so as to pacify him. Didn’t want a grouchy man as my companion. Hehe…

We walked and walked and saw Pumpkin Patch. Once hubby nodded with approval, we went it and splurged for the kids. I saw a very cute dress and instantly fell in love with……… The price tag! It was insanely cheap!!! A dress cost less than AUD15!!! I instructed the kids to choose 5 dresses each and they went berserk. Indulge kids… Indulge… We left the store with a huge, heavy plastic bag… Satisified.

Coach outlet

Unfortunately, we didn’t spend a dime on hubby. I felt rather guilty so I promised myself no more shopping unless it’s for him. Around 5-10 minutes to 5pm, 1 by 1 the stores pulled down the shutters. My in-laws were surprised because obviously they were not done shopping. Apparently a Coach bag and a Fossil watch were just the beginning but too bad. It’s time to call it a day.

Do share your views and post any questions you have in the comments box and I will have them answered in an instant! 🙂


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