Day 2 – Mosjed Yameay | Tiger Kingdom Phuket | Kathu Shooting Range | Kata Noi, Karon beach & Karon Viewpoint | Sri Bhurapha Orchid (Cashew nut factory)

Mosjed Yameay
Mosjed Yameay

Lots of places we visited today. We visited 1 of the biggest mosques in Phuket, Mosjed Yameay. I believe it’s pronounced “Jami'” as per the Arabic characters. The mosque was solemn and serene. It’s a pity we were not there to hear the adzan.

Us with a tiger
Us with a tiger

Our next stop may not sound exciting but trust me it was! Tiger Kingdom. You may think that it’s just an enclosure for tigers but it’s actually more than that. We get to go near them. Near as in there’s no barrier between us. Yes it means we got to touch, pet and even hug them! First, you needed to cleanse your hands at the sinks outside the enclosures. Then you have to remove your footwear and put on a pair of black rubber slippers provided. There were also certain areas only that you can touch in order not to provoke them. Last but not least, you need to be soft so if you are loud by nature like me, it may be a bit challenging. For the record, I am afraid of cats. It really took me a lot of courage to be able to touch a cat, let alone hugging a tiger! So did I succeed? You bet I did! Not just me, my kids too! I am so proud of us (except for hubby because he’s not afraid of any animals… Hahaha…).

My shooting score
Hubby's shooting score
Hubby’s shooting score

Busu and his family went to a shooting range in Phuket and I knew for sure that I wanted to try it out too! We informed Wan and he brought us to Kathu shooting range. Since it’s my first time holding a firearm, I chose a revolver. Hubby chose rifle instead because it seemed more manly. :p My revolver was loaded with 10 bullets. It was actually a girl who taught me how to aim, pull the trigger, and fire. My hands were sweating like crazy that I had to keep wiping then on my blouse. Hahaha. BANG! BANG! BANG! Here’s the result. 89%! Not bad for a first timer but still cannot beat hubby. Since he scored higher (100% by the way), I asked him to treat us lunch. :p

After feasting our tummies, it’s time to feast our eyes. Just like the beach in Phi Phi Island, Kata and Karon beach were beautiful too. The water was clean and clear, and the sand was soft and powdery. It’s a shame we could not spend the whole day there. I could sense that my kids were very tempted to get wet. Sorry kids! Next time!

Karon View Point
Karon View Point

After that, we ascended to Karon viewpoint. Once again, we were astounded by the breathtaking view. We saw a sea hawk tied to a pickup truck and the owner let us take a picture with it at a nominal fee. Hmmm… Why not? So far we only got close with parrots. 🙂 Here at Karon viewpoint, we can climb several steps more to get to its peak. Wan told us that the cape actually spelt Allah in Arabic from a bird’s eye view. Amazing, isn’t it? Such is Allah’s greatness and glory!

We finished off by spending time (and money) at Sri Bhurapha Orchid, a cashew nut factory. I finally knew why cashew nuts are more expensive than peanuts. For such a big fruit, it only produced 1 nut. So a packet of 100g cashew nuts is equivalent to lots of cashew fruits! Let’s not even go to Hazel and Almond! There were lots of varieties of flavour to choose from. We sampled several flavours but only bought Tom Yum, BBQ and Nori (seaweed). They were really delish. Time to head home and start packing.

Do share your views and post any questions you have in the comments box and I will have them answered in an instant! 🙂


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