Day 7 – Brisbane

We received devastating news. My beloved mother passed away around 2am Singapore time. She died of pneumonia. She was already in a coma before we depart. She managed to be discharged and stayed at my house for several days. I wished she was conscious to see my new home and the room I prepared for her. She never had the chance. 🙁

We were unable to get an early flight back to make it to the funeral. Thank Allah my eldest brother and his family were around to help with the process. Before my mother was buried, my cousin video-called me to show her face for the last time. What saddened me the most was I was the only daughter she had and I wasn’t around when she died. I wasn’t around to help with the funeral and I wasn’t around to kiss her forehead for the last time. We also said our prayers for our beloved mother here in Gold Coast. May Allah blessed her soul. 🙁

It was a very dreary day. Nobody was in the mood to do anything. Finally, we’d decided to drive up to Brisbane since we’re returning tomorrow. It was the quietest 1½ hour journey I’d ever driven. Only the kids were rejoicing because they’re too young to understand. Not forgetting we’re still mourning, we remained solemn.

Clock tower in Brisbane
Clock tower in Brisbane

Parking in Brisbane was really expensive. The street car parks were unavailable so we thought of parking in 1 of the Wilson’s car parks. Fortunately Romi and hubby saw that the fee was AUD6 per ½ hour. Good thing there was a 10-minute grace period so we quickly drove out. At last we found a parking lot but we had to walk about 5 minutes to the city. I found a souvenir shop and grabbed several more souvenirs for my best friends. Then we drove to a a Muslim community on the suburb where we found a mosque. If ever we’re moving to Brisbane, we want to stay in this area. It was perfect!

Muslim community near Brisbane
Muslim community near Brisbane

After we reached home, I suddenly remembered. When I was holidaying in Europe last year, my mom was hospitalized. This year, she died during my holiday. It made me ponder whether my year-end holidays are jinxed? Nope… As a Muslim, I believe in fate and I strongly believe Allah is the greatest and knows what’s best for me.

Do share your views and post any questions you have in the comments box and I will have them answered in an instant! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Day 7 – Brisbane”

  1. Visited Brisbane whilst in The Royal Navy , would have been 1998 or '99. In those days it was in many ways still in the Victorian era. Whilst Muslims don't drink sailors do lol. The pubs shut at 5pm, men on their own were only allowed in the saloon bar if they were taking a lady , otherwise they were relegated to the public bar. Ladies were not allowed in the public bar and only in the saloon bar if accompanied by a gentleman ! We were only there for about 4 days and as it was summer for Me it was too hot to go anywhere during the day. Over the past few years have visited Sydney in early December and the wife and I love it, hoping to go again this coming December. A different view of a well known landmark

    1. My dad was a sailor as well but he wasn’t in the navy…

      I’m sure Sydney has changed a lot too… Lol… Long drive to Jervis Bay when we were there a couple of years ago but very well worth it! 🙂

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