Day 5 – Harbour Town | Rock Pool Water Park

Yeah! Shopping baby! The place where we burn our pockets yet feel happy about it. Hahaha…

Harbour Town was quite huge with many stores selling international as well as local brands at rock-bottom prices. The best part is, they have prayer room for Muslims. That means we can spend the entire day there! *Evil smile*

Well, I guess it’s not surprising that the ladies did the honour of spending first. Who can help it when they are selling scarves and shawls at only AUD2! It looked too good to be true that we asked the sales promoter to double confirm. Riz quickly grabbed all the scarves and shawls and paid for it. We bought souvenirs again and apparels for kids and adults.

Time to spend for our tummies. When it comes to halal foods, most of the time it will be either Turkish or Indian cuisines. We settled down with Ispa Kebabs. Romi didn’t really fancy Turkish food because he needs chili padi or sambal in his every meals and the foods were not spicy enough. Furthermore, he’s more of a fish person, not chicken. For me, I loved the pide and the chick peas dip.

Next we went to a place where the kids had been hounding us – The Rock Pool Water Park.

Rockpools Broadwater Parklands
Rockpools Broadwater Parklands

Located at Broadwater Parklands, it’s just minutes away from our place. The Rock Pool Water Park is a free waterplay for children. It has water fountains and a very shallow pool which means it is also toddler-friendly. The faux grass was very clean that we did not bother bringing out our picnic mat.

It was really a perfect place for a picnic but too bad we didn’t bring any foods and drinks. While our children were having fun splashing water at each other, we walked to the nearest bridge that led to a pier. It was extremely windy so we did not sweat at all in this hot summer. Seeing the yachts nearby reminded me of Keppel Bay in Singapore.

By 5pm, the kids were already exhausted. They wrapped themselves in towels so that they could immediately jump to the pool when they reached home.

Do share your views and post any questions you have in the comments box and I will have them answered in an instant! 🙂


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