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Disclaimer: As I’m frequently updating the original guides and installers here on TeaNazaR.com, I will not be responsible for any brick issues if you were to follow my obsolete guides copied elsewhere. Thus subscribe to this post to get latest updates. Modifying any part of a device may void its warranty. 

Looking for the original WDMyCloud guides posted by me? They can be found on the WD Community forum as below. Ищите оригинальные инструкции к WDMyCloud, написанные мной? Они могут быть найдены на форуме Сообщества WD по ссылкам ниже. Buscando las guías originales WDMyCloud escritos por mí? Se pueden encontrar en el foro de Comunidad WD como abajo. 寻找张贴了我原来的WDMyCloud导游?他们可以在下面的WD社区论坛上找到。

Please be reminded that these installers are only meant for WDMyCloud single drive variant (firmware V4 and above), not Mirror/EX2/EX4 as I do not have those other devices to support them. You’ll need to reinstall them again after every firmware upgrade. Thanks a lot to those who has donated generously, rest assured you’ll continue to get full priority support from me (-:


760 thoughts on “WDMyCloud”

  1. Hi, is there anything that will schedule backups of my NAS drive onto onedrive or another online cloud service?

    Thank you


    1. You can use CrashPlan to backup to other CrashPlan clients or its paid online backup server. There’s a GUI but you’ll need to setup and connect using a PC client. Details here http://teanazar.com/2016/05/crashplan-v4-6-0-for-wd-my-cloud-firmware-v4/.

      For OneDrive there’s https://github.com/skilion/onedrive no GUI but need to be compiled for MyCloud patched with 64K page size memory. I’ve never tried this though as I’m not using OneDrive.

  2. Hi!!

    First of all, thanks for sharing great services for the WD MyCloud NAS.

    Just got my (a replacement) MyCloud from WD since my MyBook died and I still had guarantee on it. I got everything up and running (It’s the 3GB version) and I got an firmware update notification, went ahead and did the update and now got firmware
    2.11.140. Is my MyCloud not one that I can install Transmission and other apps on ? Should I download and upgrade the firmware manually ? (FW can be found at https://community.wd.com/t/wd-my-cloud-v4-x-and-v2-x-firmware-versions-download-links/148533) or am Im sitting with a NAS that I cannot install the software I want ?

    1. As stated in the top post, these apps are only meant for firmware v4. Your version of firmware are for the Gen2 devices (v2 firmware, limited BusyBox Linux) which are incompatible with Gen1 devices (v4 firmware, Debian Linux) and you can’t switch the firmware between devices. I don’t have the Gen2 devices to support.

      1. Dang, I hope that google is my friend then. I’ll chip in some bucks over Paypal tomorrow anyway 🙂

        A NAS with no software of my choice is pretty useless 🙁

  3. Error-13: Unable to retrieve required files! Fail to validate request. Report to me your IP ‘’ if you still have issues.

    Tried for both ports – the same result.

    PING: -> teanazar.com = 6.982 secs.


    1. Hello Sebastian,

      I just checked that you’ve successfully installed qbittorrent-nox_3.3.4, bubbleupnpserver_0.9-update10 and transmission_2.92.

      Sometimes it’s just lag. Just try a few times don’t worry about getting temp ban after 3x. With donation credentials, the temp ban will be removed once you successfully authenticated.

  4. Hi, I try to get the credentials for transmission installer but it does not work. Is there an issue with this on the page?

    1. Nothing wrong with the page. I’ve seen quite a few downloads today.

  5. Hi, First, thank you for a great WD Cloud-program. I have an issue. Trying to adopt a previous computer on the WD Cloud will give me 'Unable to connect, check network'. I don't know why, cause I am connected to the Internet. Any others having this issue ?

    1. Hi helangen,

      Were you referring to the error stated in the WDMyCloud Dashboard settings? It could be probably the MyCloud is not able to reach WD’s site. You should have no other connection issues since I’ve noticed you’ve installed CrashPlan earlier from my installer. Contact me via the feedback form if you need personal assistance with this issue, I’ll be glad to look into it.

  6. Hi, is it possible to install transmission in the firmware 2.11.140? I could see “Apps” tab in the dashboard. But no way to add apps

    1. As stated in the first post, it’s only for firmware v4 device. I don’t have any other devices of its variant to support.

  7. Hi Nazar,
    Error-13: Unable to retrieve required files! Fail to validate request. Report to me your IP ‘’ if you still have issues. If you’re behind web proxy, try my alternate
    port: curl teanazar.com:8245/installer.fcgi?transmission_2.84-1|sh;
    This happens 5x times. What can be the issue? Could you please check for installation of transmission.

    1. No issues on the installer. I’ve seen several successful installs today. Also I’ve seen your request coming in but they didn’t respond in time. Check your internet connection or MyCloud system resources e.g. using top.

  8. Hey Nazar,

    first of all thank you very much for providing the installers.

    For some time now, I am not able to install any tool from your page.
    I always get stuck after the second installation confirmation.
    The install script states “Checking CPU usage …” and stays in that state.

    I have exported all credentials provided by your site.

    Is there a problem with your site or am I doing something wrong.

    Best regards,

    1. Which firmware are you using? Any modifications done before? Which SSH client and have you tried another client? Try installing from a new SSH session because it doesn’t work if the commands are elevated i.e. sudo or chroot.

      1. Hey Nazar,

        thank you very much for your help.

        I have Firmware v04.04.03-113 installed.
        No modifications done before.
        I have tried Mac Terminal and Juice SSH to connect.
        I encounter the problem in both tools.
        The installation worked on earlier firmwares, by the way.
        I encounter these problems after your downtime in May.

        Any clue?

        Thank you in advance.

        Best regards,

        1. Strange, there’s a lot of successful installations I noticed using the latest firmware. Have you tried reflashing the latest firmware again? If that still doesn’t work, I’ll need direct access to your MyCloud to check what’s the issue. Let me know if you authorized me to do this. Change your root password temporarily to the email address you used to post this comment from the SSH terminal using passwd then forward port 22 from your router to the MyCloud. After I’m done you may revert the password and remove the port forward.

  9. Hey Nazar,
    I donated twice to your great service (i used it before) but i still can’t download the Transmission.
    I’m keep getting banned because my internet connection is too slow.
    I’m using 100MB/S connection so i thing it’s an ISP issue and not connection speed.
    My donation ID’s are:

    Please help.

    1. Getting temporary one hour banned is quite ok, with the Donation credentials, temporary bans will automatically removed once you're authenticated successfully. I will try my best to assist anyone who has issues, not just donors. But in this case you got yourself permanently banned due to unauthorized attempts which will not be tolerated. See F.A.Q. All activities are being logged. I believe you also saw this below in the source code yet you tried your luck.

      # NOTICE:
      # Warning! You are not supposed to be seeing this (-:
      # Running this script manually is dangerous and prohibited!
      # Any such unauthorized attempts warrants you a permanent ban!

    1. I usually try to build apps if there’s demand for it especially from the donors. I’ll see what I can do.

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