Transmission v2.93 for WD My Cloud firmware V4

For those who’s following WD My Cloud‘s post, a new APP has been added to the installer, Transmission v2.93 for firmware V4. Transmission has the features you want from a BitTorrent client: encryption, a web interface, peer exchange, magnet links, DHT, uTP, UPnP and NAT-PMP port forwarding, webseed support, watch directories, tracker editing, global and per-torrent speed limits, and more.

Note that if you’re unsure about Linux file permissions and such, please download all torrents into /root/Downloads which has been symlinked to /shares/Public/Transmission/Downloads for easy access from Windows/Mac. If you change the download location, you’ll have to manually apply the appropriate ownership and permissions.

WDMyCloud is not powerful enough to do heavy torrenting. To prevent WDMyCloud hanging, limit your connections i.e. 50 and downloads to only one at a time while queueing the rest.

And most IMPORTANTLY ensure you DO NOT download torrents into the 2GB rootfs partition ‘/’ or you will have system issues when the rootfs gets full.

As promised, my donors will get the priority to install my newer builds. I will post a new comment when it’s released to the public to be used with the anonymous credentials. Donors with donation credentials, please use this installer code on your WDMyCloud:

For setups and details, refer to

Transmission v2.93
Transmission v2.93


37 thoughts on “Transmission v2.93 for WD My Cloud firmware V4”

      1. Hello!
        As Hancas I have the same issue. Cache was cleared.
        As WEB interface Transmission Remote GUI 5.0.1 on WinPC shows version 2.92

        My ideas:
        1) Something wrong with all theese 2 interfaces, not show correct version
        2) Something wrong with online installer, maybe links
        3) Happy Foolsday as a 1st of April?)))

        1. Ops my bad, rechecked again and it’s a bad symlink. I’ve fixed the installer, please reinstall.

  1. Hi Teanazar

    I donated but still cannot install transmission on wd my cloud 1st gen.

    1) Opened putty, root and pw
    2) paste the credential
    3) paste curl|sh;
    4) ask me to accept or not
    5) A lot of “Y” appear but putty seems to be stuck.

    Where am i wrong?

    1. Hi Ralph,

      It’s issue with your language/character encoding. Can you type env|egrep 'LC_ALL|LANG' see what’s the result? Try temporarily turning off the locale LC_ALL=C then rerun the installer.

        1. Can you try changing your putty settings then reconnect? Window -> Translation -> Remote character set: UTF-8.

          Or try other SSH clients maybe from your Android or iPad if you have any?

            1. Skipping some pass? I don’t understand. Enter read i;echo "<$i>" then enter y you should see <y> else something is wrong with the setups. Probably try temporarily changing your MyCloud language to US and the PC too for that matter.

              1. I see Y

                can you tell me what i have to do to have transmission from A to Z? I’m newbie in this field.

                1. That is strange you should be seeing <y> in a lower case. I’m in the GMT+8 zone, give me a moment I’ll contact you directly to help solve this issue…

  2. Hi. Good work. I have the mirror Gen2 with the official transmission .bin.
    Can i installs the latest version with a .bin file ??


    1. This installer only supports Gen1 single bay. I don’t have other variant to support.

    Checking resources…
    Error-10: Unable to retrieve required files! As promised to my donors, they will be the first to receive newer builds. Retry using the permanent donation credentials from your DonationID if you have or wait till it’s released to the public in next few days.

    1. You are doing it incorrectly. Check your spam folders. You should have received an email containing instructions on how to use the donation credentials.

        1. It seems you were behind a VPN when you made the donation. I’ve turned off my debug access logs so I’m not seeing any incoming IP when you ran the installer. Let me know your WDMyCloud public IP so I can update my records in order for your credentials to work. You can send it to me privately using the feedback link at the bottom of this page.

          1. I suspect the problem could be with my IP adress, i was behind proxy server. Just sent a feedbcak with my IP adress without having the proxy server enabled.

            1. Yes it was indeed an IP issue and I’ve updated them accordingly. Noticed you’ve just successfully installed transmission v2.93. Enjoy (-:

  4. The NAS was bricked. But I manageded to unbrick and re-install transmission without a hassle. Thanks for your work!

  5. I made a donation but I could not do the installation.
    I got the message: “Could not resolve host:”

    I can not connect with your blog through my IP . It seems is banned. (Please unbanned it)
    Therefore I made the donation and the installation process through my VPN.
    Please, give me instructions for the installation.

    1. Hi Carlos,

      Sorry I missed out your feedback enquiry, too many emails 🙁 Yeah that IP subnet was auto blacklisted in my iptables due to attacks. I’ve removed it and updated your IP, please try again.

  6. There was a problem with my network services. I changed DHCP by static with google DNS and I could access to connect
    Finally I installed it and runnig

  7. I have aproblem when I install

    Error-13: Unable to retrieve required files! Fail to validate request. Report to me your IP ‘119.246.XX.XXX’ if you still have issues.

    and I try three times then the server blocks my IP, what wrong with my WDmycloud or my service provider problem?

    1. It was sent to your PayPal registered email. Any issues regarding credentials send them via the feedback link at the bottom of this page.

      1. Nazar, thank you for your reply, but I am unable to find anything which was sent to my PayPal registered email address. Could you please help me to get my credentials? I have been waiting for it almost a year and need to install transmission on mywdcloud. for some reason the anonymous credential does not appear for me after watching the advertisement.

        1. Hi Houman,

          From my records, it was successfully sent to your Hotmail. Your spam filter is probably too strict? Contact me privately using the feedback form and ensure the email you provide is working properly.

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