Syncthing v0.14.19 for WD My Cloud firmware V4

For those who’s following WD My Cloud‘s post, a new APP has been added to the installer, Syncthing v0.14.19 for firmware V4. A BTSync alternative! Install Syncthing in more than one devices to sync several folders within each, Nix, Windows, Mac and Android devices.

With Syncthing-Inotify active doing the monitoring, you would probably want to set the scanning of synched folders to less frequent than 60secs, say 3600secs (1 hour) or even 86400secs (one day). Note Syncthing-Inotify service will auto exit when there’s no folders to monitor. So ensure you have at least one folder to sync else you’ll need to restart the Syncthing-Inotify service manually when needed.

Syncthing was built with GOLANG 1.4.2 by cross compiling with Linaro toolchain. Note that from version 0.12 onwards, you’ll need to ensure all devices in the cluster are running with version 0.12+. The daily scheduler to clear older panic logs (/etc/cron.daily/syncthing) still remains and I have lowered the run priority (NICE=19) and limit the CPU cores to 1 (GOMAXPROCS=1) in the init.d service since encryption/compression/sync process can be quite CPU intensive on our WDMyCloud device. So it is recommended that you already manually mirrored the data on all intended devices before linking them with Syncthing.

Note that as of version 0.13, I’ve excluded the obsolete Syncthing-CLI. The WebGUI may take a while to become accessible.

Unfortunately the auto update has been disabled as the officially released ones are not 64K pagesize aligned. I’ll try to keep up updating the major release.

This release has been bundled with Syncthing-Inotify v0.8.4. It is also reported that version 0.14.0 onwards is not compatible with other devices running older versions 0.13.x and below. And older versions won’t sync symlinks with version v0.14.14 onwards.

As promised, my donors will get the priority to install my newer builds. I will post a new comment when it’s released to the public to be used with the anonymous credentials. Donors with donation credentials, please use this installer code on your WDMyCloud:

For setups and details, refer to

Syncthing v0.14.19
Syncthing v0.14.19


3 thoughts on “Syncthing v0.14.19 for WD My Cloud firmware V4”

  1. UPDATES: Syncthing v0.14.19 for firmware V4 now released to public! More info from my WD My Cloud's post. Enjoy (-:

  2. Hi Nazar, thank you for planning on updating CloudDavMod for 4.05.00-353.

    I installed Syncthing 0.14.19 but it didn’t work out well. I was able to bring up the Syncthing web interface to Syncthing running on the My Cloud. It scanned some of the files but it only bogged down with only a small percentage of the My Cloud files scanned. I tried to run FreeFileSync to sync my desktop folders with My Cloud folders but it was bogged down too. It worked fine before, and I could get it working again if I shut down Syncthing (can’t remember if I had to shut down Syncthing on my desktop, the My Cloud, or both). Then I couldn’t bring up the web interface to Syncthing running on the My Cloud, and I didn’t know how to shut down Syncthing on the My Cloud from my SSH Terminal (PuTTY). Finally I thought the only solution was to reinstall the 4.05.00-342 firmware and that’s what I did. I’ve reinstalled CloudDavMod for 342 and got it working.

    Do you think it’s possible to get Syncthing working well on the MyCloud or is everything just too old now? Maybe 0.14.19 on the My Cloud isn’t compatible with the Syncthing I’m running on my Windows desktop, which is 1.18.6. It would be nice to get it running but I can just certainly move on if it’s not reasonably easy to do.

    Thanks for your great tools over the years.

    1. Hi Jim,

      I haven’t used FreeFileSync before but probably it is hammering the NAS with multiple threads during the scanning process? Also it’s not recommended to have more than one services performing extensive jobs, it will definitely hurt the NAS being low powered CPU and RAM.

      As for getting the latest Syncthing (also most other popular apps), the WD’s core is too old (since wheezy) it lacks many updated dependencies. You can choose to downgrade on other clients to match the compatibility. I can’t promise much but I’ll try my best to compile Syncthing to its latest possible version.

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