Transmission v2.92 for WD My Cloud firmware V4

For those who’s following WD My Cloud‘s post, a new APP has been added to the installer, Transmission v2.92 for firmware V4. Transmission has the features you want from a BitTorrent client: encryption, a web interface, peer exchange, magnet links, DHT, uTP, UPnP and NAT-PMP port forwarding, webseed support, watch directories, tracker editing, global and per-torrent speed limits, and more.

NOTICE: There’s a report about version 2.90 on OS X infected with “OSX.KeRanger.A” ransomware, hence rumors/news started filling the internet. It’s also advise to upgrade to the latest 2.92 but this isn’t the case for WD My Cloud as the affected seems to be with OS X builds.

Since 2014, all my release are built directly from the author’s source without any modifications unless stated otherwise i.e. released patched or updater disabled. Please make sure you run or install apps from a trusted well-known source to avoid any security issues.

Note that if you’re unsure about Linux file permissions and such, please download all torrents into /root/Downloads which has been symlinked to /shares/Public/Transmission/Downloads for easy access from Windows/Mac. If you change the download location, you’ll have to manually apply the appropriate ownership and permissions.

WDMyCloud is not powerful enough to do heavy torrenting. To prevent WDMyCloud hanging, limit your connections i.e. 50 and downloads to only one at a time while queueing the rest.

And most IMPORTANTLY ensure you DO NOT download torrents into the 2GB rootfs partition ‘/’ or you will have system issues when the rootfs gets full.

As promised, my donors will get the priority to install my newer builds. I will post a new comment when it’s released to the public to be used with the anonymous credentials. Donors with donation credentials, please use this installer code on your WDMyCloud:

For setups and details, refer to

Transmission v2.92


74 thoughts on “Transmission v2.92 for WD My Cloud firmware V4”

    1. My NAS is overloaded now, was compiling something else. Try again after 5mins.

      1. hello i already have v2.84 installed on my wd my cloud? how do i upgrade?

        1. Just rerun the installer, it will auto upgrade to the latest version.

    1. Hi Zoe,

      I’ve updated your IP. For the error, you were last seen using firmware version 04.04.01-112. What is your firmware version now? Or did you bought or RMA exchanged for another MyCloud Gen2 which is not supported by this installer?

        1. Hi Zoe,

          Strange, something is not right with your MyCloud. I’ll take a look at it personally. Please check your PayPal registered email.

  1. UPDATES: Transmission v2.92 for firmware V4 now released to public! More info from my WD My Cloud's post. Enjoy (-:

  2. Hi, buddy! Some time ago WD presented a new version of firmware, called v2.0+. What about compatibility with your transmission package?

    1. As stated in the main article, all these are only for firmware V4. You will not be able to install them on other firmwares.

  3. Dear Nazar, the following issue has been encountered: transmission stops after some time of running. WDMyCloud 3 tb, v04.04.02-105 . It happened after updating microprogram of WD to v. 04.04.02-105 in March 2016. After the update I had to re-install transmission. I tried the latest version, but had to change to previous one because of the stopping of transmission. It seemed work well. But now not. On WD forum I found that you recommende to check if more that 1 transmission instance was running.
    I run ps -ef|grep -v grep|grep transmission and received:
    root 30299 1 99 21:08 ? 00:00:32 transmission-daemon
    Do you have any idea what to do? I do not Linux at all.

    1. Hello Alexey Z,

      I have not encountered any issues with Transmission terminating after running for sometime even when was using the older version 2.84, now 2.92. From your command it seems to be running fine and only one instance is running. Can you run this command again if the issue occurs, see if it’s still alive? I’m not sure if your issue is due to high memory usage that the daemon gets killed by kernel (OOM – out of memory) process. What is the situation like when it happened? Were you downloading more than one torrent? Check the memory usage with free -h;. MyCloud has only 256MB RAM so take special care when running large process. If you’re not sure, you can schedule a restart every midnight to prolong the runtime. crontab -e; then add a new single line 0 0 * * * /usr/local/bin/transmission-stop && /usr/local/bin/transmission-daemon CTRL+X to save.

      1. yes, I download more that 1 torent at once, as I did before, but the problem occured only after updating to v. 04.04.02-105. (I used to run more than 10 torrents at once)
        Memory usage is 179 M from 226M available.
        total used free shared buffers cached
        Mem: 226M 179M 47M 0B 2.2M 17M
        -/+ buffers/cache: 160M 66M
        Swap: 488M 188M 300M
        Is there any way to avoid stoppage?

        1. Even for firmware v3, I have never successfully downloaded more than 2 torrents at once full speed on my 1Gbps internet. It will either stall the daemon or worst crash the MyCloud (need to plug out the power). I don’t think there’s any way to avoid this other than downloading minimally. If memory doesn’t cause the issue, the disk IO will.

  4. Sorry for my English – I am from Russia. )
    First of all, thank you, great job! I have just one question: how can I configure the transmission not run as root, but under another account (e.g. its own account “transmission”, without superuser privileges)? All available online instructions are for the original version of transmission and it is not suitable for your build.

    1. My builds are different from the original version as to make it easy for someone who's not familiar with Linux permissions. By default and unlike normal Linux, MyCloud wasn't fully prepared for multiuser shell. You can change them but take note that you may need to manually change the permission/ownership for all transmission related paths and configs. If you don't change them you will have issues with the permissions i.e. transmission running under different username can't modify the config or other users can't access downloaded torrents.

      If you really know what you're doing, assuming you already have a username to run with and also have already changed the permission/ownership mentioned above, edit the crontab, crontab -e; then replace the transmission occurrence with:

      @reboot sudo -u username /usr/local/bin/transmission-daemon

      CTRL+X to exit and save.

      Restart transmission, transmission-stop && sudo -u username transmission-daemon;.

      1. you may need to manually change the permission/ownership for all transmission related paths and configs.

        Could you list all the paths and configs that I could change permissions. P.S. The goal of changing transmission occurrence is to avoid trouble with downloaded directories, that I can’t delete under my user, because they owner is root.

        1. All paths below and every of its contents recursively:

          1. /shares/Public/Transmission/*
          2. /root/.config/transmission-daemon/*

          Where did you install your transmission from? Which version? Which firmware? Others using my installer have no issues running transmission as root also deleting files/paths under /shares/Public/Transmission/Downloads/ with other usernames from the samba shares.

          ps: Please click reply instead of posting new comments. Else every subscribers will get notified.

          1. I’ve installed transmission 2.92 from your NAS. My WD Cloud firmware is v04.04.02-105. “download-dir”: “/DataVolume/shares/Public/Downloads” (not the original dir – I need it). My username is bob.

            my crontab -e result is

            @reboot export TRANSMISSION_WEB_HOME=/root/web && sudo -u bob /usr/local/bin/transmission-daemon

            After commands

            chown -R bob:share /shares/Public/Transmission
            chown -R bob:share /root/.config/transmission-daemon
            chown -R bob:share /root/web

            I run transmission:

            sudo -u bob /usr/local/bin/transmission-daemon

            And get the error:

            403: Forbidden
            Unauthorized IP Address.
            Either disable the IP address whitelist or add your address to it.
            If you’re editing settings.json, see the ‘rpc-whitelist’ and ‘rpc-whitelist-enabled’ entries.
            If you’re still using ACLs, use a whitelist instead. See the transmission-daemon manpage for details.

            If I run just transmission-daemon it is worked, but I have the same problem – downloaded content have root:root owner and I cant delete it.

            1. I think when you changed the run-as user, transmission running under the new user can’t locate the config file and created a new one in the user’s HOME path which is by default under ‘/shares/’. The new config has RPC enabled by default. Maybe that’s why you got the 403 error which you need to edit.

              I think the issue happened when you started to change the download path. Try not to change the download path but instead symlink a new path to it. This is the reason why my setups are different from the original. With the original setup, you need to change all these ownership/permissions in order for it to work correctly in MyCloud.

              Try to reinstall see if the problem still occurs. Before you reinstall, stop the daemon transmission-stop; then delete the startup crontab also delete the config file /root/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json. Reinstall and don’t change anything, just download normally then try to delete or move the downloaded torrent data.

              1. I’ve done as you said. Now it is all good. I better will use default download dir instead of having trouble with permission and compatibility with your future release of the application. Thank you one more time for your job and support. Good luck!

  5. Hi Nazar i have a problem with transmission.
    When i try to connect with my mobile/pc to the transmission via wifi in the same network than wdmycloud, i can’t.

    Do you now why?

    1. If you had installed from my installer, the RPC restriction has already been removed, else you will need to edit the config file manually.

      Use IP instead of local hostname especially on mobile the local hostname is not available due to the lack of TCP/IP over NetBIOS.

  6. Hi Nazar.

    thanks for all your support for alll community.

    Nazar I have a problem with transmission in the past days I can´t download more torrents because transmission say i don´t have more space. I put all my torrents in some folder with 777 permisions. I see with du -h the rootfs particion are full (100%) later I remove the log data in /var/log and /var/log.hdd and the rootfs are equal (100%). I tried make a firmware update for the new version (sq-040403-113-20160510.deb) but the NAS don´t make anything (I think are the same problem with the space in rootfs). I try apt-get clean but without any results. then I try to uninstall the tramission but the answer is the same… space problem again.

    I see some rare issue in the / folder because I made “du -mx” in the / and the results are in one folder called “. (dot) “, in this folder I found 1888 archives and 1.9 GB in the same folder. I try to delete teh archives but I don´t found them.

    do you have any idea what happend with my cloud?

    Thanks for you help.

    Best wishes from Colombia

    1. Hi Henry,

      What other 3rd party apps did you installed? You’ll need to remove whatever is filling your rootfs. I suspect that you accidentally downloaded torrents into the rootfs. This will cause the system to behave unexpectedly.

      Try searching files of over 1MB with commands below. It could give you a hint of where the problematic folder resides, then remove them.

      du -ahSx /|grep -E '(M|G)\s.+\.\w{3}$'|sort -n;

      1. Hi again Nazar.

        I have no 3rd Party apps installed. but the du command help me a lot, you are right with the downloads, I found fourth *.part in the /volumen/Public/ but I don´t give this route to settings.json. I change the settings.json and the transmission work again. With the du command I can remove all *.part and the rootfs are now again free of space.

        thanks again for all your support.

        best wishes.


  7. Hi,

    after enter my donor credentials and pasting the command line: curl|sh;

    I´m receiving the following error:
    sh: syntax error: unexpected redirection
    root@WDMyCloud root #

    can anyone help me ?

    Thx in advance

    1. Hi Victor,

      The installers are only meant for MyCloud single bay firmware v4, the 1st generation device. It will not work for any other models or the 2nd generation devices. WD has made these very confusing.

      1. Hi,

        thanks for your fast reply, does it means that my device is not compatible with transmission? 🙁

        this device is a replacement from a WD my book live which was fully compatible with transmission, after received I tried to install it several times and now I´m very disappointed.

        1. Hi Victor,

          I’m sorry but yes yours is the latest Gen2 device (BusyBox not Debian) and is not compatible with these installers as I don’t have those devices to support. However you could take a look at this thread. It’s quite limited but it somehow works, I think.

    2. Hi,

      just adding more info:
      – current firmware: 2.21.111, i´m wondering if this version is V4


  8. Hello,

    Does the above method apply to my WD MyCloud 3TB?

    Thanks in advance,


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