Day 3 – Chillaxing and swimming at home

We’d been going out ever since we arrived so what’s the point of booking an accommodation with a private pool if we’re not going to enjoy it, right? We shall spend the entire day dipping (not skinny hehe) ourselves in the pool.

Kids in our very own pool
Kids in our very own pool

The deepest side of the pool is about 1.3m so it’s not that deep. Rossi and Dini were learning how to swim whereas Renni and Daneen just enjoyed themselves in the water. The kids took turns using the buoy, life vest and pool noodles. Actually, come to think of it, the adults were more excited than the kids. Romi did various stunts and ended up hurting his own head. It was hilarious! Unfortunately, not many pictures were taken because everybody were in the pool.

I guess we overestimated ourselves. We thought we could spend the entire day in the pool but after more than a couple of hours, we surrendered. We were not just tired but hungry too.  It was already noon and we figured it was a tad too late to plan on going anywhere so we just stayed at home and watch TV. Romi saw a home shopping channel selling a steam mop that looked like a vacuum cleaner and a multi-purpose blender. He said it was very cheap and he intended to buy. Hubby and I looked at each other and laughed because he didn’t read the fine print. Silly!

Not long after we rested, it began to rain. Hail, to be exact. Dini actually thought it was snowing. Hahahaha… To be honest, we really felt that luck was on our side. Thank you Allah. It was such a perfect weather to be at home, cuddling our loved ones.

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