Day 1 – Presenting… 7, Petunia Court

Initially we intended to go sightseeing as soon as we checked in but we got so tired that we didn’t go anywhere in the end. First, we collected the car rental and then we headed to Burleigh Heads to collect our house key.

Next, we went to a supermarket nearby to get cooking oil, eggs, bread and some dairies and snacks.


Well, what can I say… I really loved Petunia Court! The neighbourhood was quiet and very clean. I felt belonged and could really see myself living in this place. Hey, no harm dreaming, right? 🙂

We found our unit and press the button on the key to open the automated gate. As hubby drove in slowly, everyone noticed something blue from our peripheral view. We turned to our right and saw the pool! Everyone was screaming hysterically. If the car has ejected seats, the kids would have pressed it and launch themselves to the pool.

Our very own private pool
Our very own private pool

We got out of the van and instead of opening the door, we opened the gate to access the pool. I’d got to admit I was as excited as the kids. I’d been to many holidays but none with a private pool. The private pool at A’Famosa was outdoor hence it was not THAT private after all. Ok enough of ogling at the pool. Time to enter the crib.


Cosy beds
Cosy beds

Wow! For a single-storey, this house was really huge! The master bedroom had a walk-in wardrobe and attached bathroom. It also had direct access to the pool but due to safety regulation, the door remained locked. The 3 other rooms had double beds and a bunk bed.

Dining area, laundry room & common toilet
Dining area, laundry room & common toilet

Complementing the living room was the entertainment room complete with a flat screen TV and powerful surround sound system. DVDs were provided too. The dining area was huge and the spacious kitchen came with a bar counter. The common bathroom had a separate toilet and a glass shower. Did I mention that it had a jacuzzi tub too? Last but not least, a laundry room with both washer and dryer machines.

At the back of the house was the patio with a barbecue grill and outdoor dining. The boys chose this as their smoking corner since smoking was not allowed inside.

The pool was not that deep and it had steps leading to it so it’s perfectly safe for the kids. They also supplied a couple of pool noodle but I did bring my my kid’s life vest too.

The 2 drawbacks were: 1) There was no Wi-Fi so we pretty much relied on a single person’s 3G connection and the rest will tether. 2) Linens were chargeable hence we brought our own.

Well, hubby and I were very tired and didn’t have the energy to jump into the pool so we took a nap instead. Romi and Riz on the otherhand drove out to explore the surroundings. They found out that there was a petrol station and several shops including an Iga minimart less than 5 minutes drive away. They bought some snacks for our movie-night later.

Do share your views and post any questions you have in the comments box and I will have them answered in an instant! 🙂


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