RomZ – The versatile trolley!

Hey guys! As you’d noticed, I’ve been quite inactive modding my N.A.S. lately. Reason being I’ve been busy working with C.A.D. for a new project on Kickstarter. No worries I’ll be back modding soon 😛

My wife and I teamed up with my brother-in-law and his wife to design and improvise the conventional trolleys in the market. He works as a delivery guy and whenever we meet up for gatherings, he shared the challenges he faced while doing deliveries. The stuffs that he delivers daily are not just parcels and small packages. He delivers heavy items like furniture and electrical appliances. Although he uses his trolley to move these items, it’s not easy to load them in his van. Fortunately his wife tags along to help in whatever she can.

On our recent meetup, he brought up an idea of making his trolley to reach the level of his van so he can just push the heavy loads instead of lifting. I think it’s a great idea so we discussed further and added more features to the trolley and that’s how we came up with this project.

Please support by pledging our project in Kickstarter on this link, RomZ – The versatile trolley. You can also share this project on any of the social media platforms by using the icons below. Thank you!

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