CloudDAVMod v1.0 for WD My Cloud firmware V4

For those who’s following WD My Cloud‘s post, a new APP has been added to the installer, CloudDAVMod v1.0 for firmware V4. This is my original release (-:

CloudDAVMod v1.0


On top of re-enabling the remote drive mapping which WD has unexpectedly removed from MyCloud, this mod provides a basic WebDAV webGUI based file manager that integrates

Remote Drive Mapping

seamlessly beneath the existing WD MyCloud Dashboard. No backend CGIs such as PHP, just pure HTML/JS/CSS (-:



  • Completely bypass account login. It’s directly between you and your MyCloud NAS. With a personal DDNS 3rd party service, CloudDAVMod should work well even behind strict corporate firewalls or computers that blocks cloud services.
  • Unlimited filesize transfers where the usual mapped drives has a platform specific WebDAV filesize limit.
  • Common file/folder functions such as copy/paste/move/delete/rename/mkdir with keyboard shortcuts to these functions.
  • Multiple uploads via single mass selection OR Drag&Drop files from the desktop directly into a supported HTML5 browser.
  • HTML5 audio and video streamer with matching filename SRT subtitles for supported mkv/mp4/ogg/ogm/ogv/webm/mp3 extension formats.


This version of CloudDAVMod is only compatible with WD MyCloud firmware version 04.04.02-105 or the latest 04.04.03-113 (23rd May 2016). You will not be able to install otherwise. An updated CloudDAVMod version will be released soon upon newer firmware updates.

Disclaimer: As I’m frequently updating the original guides and installers here on, I will not be responsible for any brick issues if you were to follow my obsolete guides copied elsewhere. Thus subscribe to this post to get latest updates. Modifying any part of a device may void its warranty.

This will install new and modify existing MyCloud core files, hence may void its warranty. After installing, open your browser and point to the local URL stated in the installer.

Note that you’ll see HTTPS security error prompt, just proceed, on some browsers, you’ll need to click on ‘advanced’ prior.

Chrome Cert Error
Chrome Cert Error
IE Cert Error
IE Cert Error




Login using any of your existing WD MyCloud Dashboard accounts then click on the ‘?’ help icon for usage details. Extremely slow browsing after initial installation? Or what is the remote URL to access externally? Please carefully read and understand the notes section from the ‘?’ help window as they covers most of these questions.

Why is browsing slow on both WebGUI and network drive?

You need to build the WebDAV cache for the first time. Details found on the WebGUI itself in the “?” help notes section.

How to remotely access CloudDAVMod or map MyCloud to a network drive?

First of all, CloudDAVMod will NOT work if your MyCloud is in “relay mode”, check the WD MyCloud Dashboard network settings. This is usually the case if you’re in multi-NAT environment. If so, you’ll then need to manually forward the relevant ports from your router. Refer to the ‘?’ help notes section for the port details.

The remote URL to access CloudDAVMod externally or to map a network drive remotely is clearly stated in the ‘?’ help notes section mentioned above, so again please read them carefully. It’s something like:


  • Take note of the required ‘HTTPS‘.
  • The ‘:PORT‘ is optionally omitted if it’s port 443.
  • And ‘HOSTNAME‘ is case-sensitive.

To access from the browsers i.e. Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Opera, Safari or mobile browsers, just go to the specified URL stated in the help section. Best to bookmark them for easy access. To map onto a network drive, use the simple similar methods on different OSes described below providing the same URL. Note that the default port is ‘443’ if requested unless stated otherwise.

  • Windows (Explorer): From menu, click Computer, Map network drive (or right-click on ‘This PC’ icon).
  • Mac (Finder): From menu, click Go, Connect to Server (or Command-K).
  • Linux (Nautilus): From menu, click File, Connect to Server.

If this the first time you’ve heard about WebDAV network drive mapping, please do some research about it. Example there’s a known 4GB file size limit for mapped network drive. A work around is to use the CloudDAVMod WebGUI instead. The network drive is best used for smaller files like editing documents, pictures and music files. If you’re dealing with larger files i.e. few hundreds megabytes to gigabytes in size, certain OS like Windows may stall for a while e.g. trying to right-click on a 1GB video file. So best is to stick with the more responsive CloudDAVMod WebGUI.

As promised, my donors will get the priority to install my newer builds. I will post a new comment when it’s released to the public to be used with the anonymous credentials. Donors with donation credentials, please use this installer code on your WDMyCloud:

Updated 2016/11/11: WD seems to deprecate SSLv3 on their servers in conjunction to its latest MyCloud firmware 04.04.04-101 (20th Sep 2016). Hence the WD2GO DDNS will no longer update itself due to SSL errors resulting the NAS going into permanent relay mode. For those who’s still using older v4 firmwares and still depends on the WD2GO DDNS, it’s suggested to upgrade to the latest firmware or manually replace the Communication Manager “commgrd” service extracted from the latest firmware.

Updated 2016/09/23: For the latest firmware, refer to the newer improved CloudDAVMod v1.1.

For firmware 04.04.03-113:

For firmware 04.04.02-105:

33 thoughts on “CloudDAVMod v1.0 for WD My Cloud firmware V4”

  1. Awesome job … I haven’t updated my firmware on either My Cloud as of yet, due to the issues that users are having, as seen in the community forum. But this is purely Awesome. If it wasn’t the fear of losing my “Safepoints” and losing “Dashboard” access I would certainly update.

    Great job NazaR

    1. Thanks Sector GZ. I believe I’m using an even older firmware than you do? 04.01.02-417… I skipped a few upgrades. It’s because I don’t have the spare time to move over all my mods to the latest firmware.

      If you like to try this mod, I could make few changes to match the firmware you’re using just like how I’m using it on my older firmware. For this I’ll need more inputs from you about your firmware.

      1. I think we are on the same Firmware. I’m not at home so I can not check, but I will before the weekend. Like I mentioned, I am actually afraid of WD’s Firmware Upgrades and what their end result could be. I have had “Cloud Access” turned off, on the My Clouds, for quite some time. The older “” sight was so limited and I believe it had security issues.

        Yes, I would like to give it a try, but I just had a new computer system built and I need to get that up a running first .. lol. It’s a new Z170 chipset with a I7 Skylake 6700K CPU.

        I will post here as things progress.

        Thanks again NazaR for all your hard work.

        1. No problem take your time. You’re makin me drool 😛 It’s been long since I’ve touched mobos, OCs and water blocks haha.

    1. Thanks for the Update Nazar 🙂 Got the new system basically configured and now installing all the software I use.

  2. CloudDAVMod Updated! [20160524] Version 1.0-04.04.03-113 released. If you’re using the WebGUI, clear your browser’s cache i.e. CTRL+SHIFT+F5.

  3. UPDATES: CloudDAVMod v1.0-04.04.03-113 for firmware V4 now released to public! More info from my WD My Cloud's post. Enjoy (-:

  4. I performed all the steps outlined, but when checking Apache 2 server, it displayed error-1 and now I can no longer access the MyCloud dashboard.

    1. Including yours, I have about 46 installs from both previous and latest firmware but so far there’s no one reporting any issues. I need more details:
      1. Were there any other modifications?
      2. Have you tried reinstalling?
      3. What is in the Apache2 error log tail -f /var/log/apache2/error.log;?

  5. Hi Nazar,
    First, I wanted to thank you for all your work.

    I was able to install the DAVMod on my MyCloud v04.04.03-113, I went to “https://mycloud#####/MyCloud#####/” without difficulties but when I want to go on “HTTPS://[:PORT]/HOSTNAME” stated in the help section, it says :
    You don’t have permission to access /MyCloud##### on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    I tried to open the ports 443 et 80 on both my box and mycloud but it changed nothing.
    I’m sure I’m close to succeed but I’m stuck.
    Any idea ?

    Thanks for reading !

    1. Hi Antoine Hecker,

      You need to ensure the connection is NOT on relay mode, check from the WD Dashboard. Else it will hit WD relay servers instead of your MyCloud when you try to access using deviceid* (with IP it should work). Try toggling the cloud access off then on. In case you have issues with your router’s UPnP or if your router doesn’t support it, you can also try placing permanent ports 80 and 443 in both MyCloud settings and the router port forwarding (then restart apache service apache2 restart;).

      Use this site to check if your MyCloud is visible for ports 80 and 443 (or whatever ports you’ve chosen).

      1. Brilliant,

        Try toggling the cloud access off then on.
        worked like a charm !

        I can now try to link my mapped drive with Plex Server (multimedia management)

        Thanks a lot !

          1. Well,
            Actually, I can’t play my videos when I map a network drive, just see the files and folders, my player says I can’t open them :\
            But with the internet browser I can play them perfectly.

            1. The client playing the videos from a mapped drive needs to know how to handle them. I can play videos from a mapped remote drive on WDMyCloud with VLC without issues. Also no issues playing directly using WebDAV protocol on VLC which it will prompt for authentication.

              1. Thanks again for your answer. I’m a real newbie with all these stuff, how can I allow VLC to play these videos ? Then I guess I’ll have to explain to Plex how to handle them. He can see them but can’t play them.
                Any idea ?

                1. What is your setup like, OS? For VLC (VideoLAN) just play the media directly from the mapped drive. You can also use the WebDAV protocol by connecting to the network stream then provide the full URL from the VLC menu.

                  I’m not sure about Plex (PMS) but I know Kodi (XBMC) can stream via WebDAV

                  1. I’m using Win10, Vlc just state an error (Bad file descriptor and blablabla, saying he can’t open the file) and I can’t simply play my video.

                    1. Sorry dunno how to edit my message.
                      I can play mp3 though (through VLC)

                    2. I’ve no such issue using VLC playing mapped drive videos or even WebDAV. Ensure it’s the latest version probably try the 64bit version if you’re on Win10 x64. If you search the web, there’s several issues about this “Bad file descriptor” on VLC.

                      This issue is nonrelated to CloudDAVMod as you’ve probably will have issues too playing via other WebDAV and/or mapped drive source.

    1. When you install, there’s a local link stated at the end of the installer output. This local link should be https://wdmycloud/WDMyCloud if you have not renamed your device from the Dashboard. Once logged into the WebGUI, click on the help icon to know your external link. Do carefully read the instructions of this post.

  6. I added a new user via the WD Dashboard and only gave it permissions for itself and one other share, yet, when I connect to the WebDAV, I have full access to all shares. Is this expected?

    1. The WebDAV permission works exactly as if you’re connected to the samba shares. Does your samba shares exhibit the same behavior?

      1. No. Connecting via smb only allows to connect to the shares that user has permission to access.

        1. Try restarting the apache service service apache2 restart. I noticed you had posted about issues with Apache earlier not sure if it’s related as you didn’t replied. I can add a new user and all the permissions set in the Dashboard will be the same for all access including WebDAV. There’s already over hundred installs but none reported such issue. More details needed such as configs and logs to isolate the case, contact me directly if necessary so I can fix them in the upcoming v1.1.

          1. Sorry about not replying earlier. I ended resetting to factory defaults and that corrected the previous issue.

            As for this current issue, restarting the apache service did the trick.

            1. Your current issue is quite concerning because by right new users have no permission except to the public share. There could be hit or miss when the MyCloud resources are busy when new perms are modified. Or maybe doing it just a little too fast or too slow triggered this issue because there’s a short window period preventing excessive perms reloads. Are you able to replicate this issue every time?

  7. Everything works great now.
    thank you for your hard work
    i’m going to donate what i can asap.

    thanks again for now.

  8. Updated 2016/11/11: WD seems to deprecate SSLv3 on their servers in conjunction to its latest MyCloud firmware 04.04.04-101 (20th Sep 2016). Hence the WD2GO DDNS will no longer update itself due to SSL errors resulting the NAS going into permanent relay mode. For those who’s still using older v4 firmwares and still depends on the WD2GO DDNS, it’s suggested to upgrade to the latest firmware or manually replace the Communication Manager “commgrd” service extracted from the latest firmware.

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